If you've been helped by someone, or know what it's like to desperately need $100, $200, or $500 to "get you over the hump," you'll know why people with disabilities appreciate the Abilities Foundation's B & G Endowment. Established by George Locascio in tribute to his deceased wife, Breverly, the B & G Endowment is a one-of-a-kind fund that provides grants to people with disabilities who have no other means of meeting critical employment, housing, health, or independent living needs.

Unlike many funding sources, emergency help can be granted quickly, without a lot of "red tape." People who've been helped are encouraged, but not required, to pay back the funds if they are able.

Grants from the B & G, have been used to pay for: property taxes to prevent foreclosure; security deposits for homeless persons to obtain housing; vehicle down payments; examination costs for state jobs; student scholarships; auto repairs; special phone line installation; relocation costs; transportation, etc.

The list of needs is literally endless. What is not endless is the supply of money required to meet those needs. To date, George has personally contributed and raised $450,000 towards the fund's $1 million goal. It will take many more dollars to generate the interest to fund these needs, however.

George, who contracted polio at age 19 while serving in World War II, never forgot that he was helped in his time of need. "I'm certain I'm not alone", said George. "I know there are many of us who've been helped and want the opportunity to give something back. The B & G is the perfect vehicle."

Won't you please assist George? Your tax-deductible gift of cash, appreciated securities, real estate, insurance, or bequest in a will could help a person today, and be leveraged in perpetuity so that countless others could be helped in time of need.

Make gifts payable to the Abilities Foundation, c/o the B & G Endowment, 2735 Whitney Road, Clearwater FL 33760-1610. For information, call 727-538-7370, Ext. 345.


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